DOcumentary Style Photographer based in AZ

for the storytellers who want to document a feeling

education for the ones who want to see things 

Who I am

Hey I'm Tess and I am so damn excited that you are here. Since starting photography it has always been a goal of mine to teach and mentor others. Finally being at a place in my career where I can actually do that feels like a dream. I have been in the wedding industry since I was 18 and let me tell you...I know it's overwhelming. It is hard to always stay true to who you are and your vision, let alone figure out what that vision is.

That's why I decided to create my own form of photography education. I believe in community over competition, asking as many questions as I can, and remaining open enough to know that you will always have something to learn from every person you encounter. If you are here, and you feel like you want to learn something from me, I want to give you that opportunity because you deserve to ask the questions you're afraid nobody will answer. 




I wanted to give you the chance to learn from me first hand. This is your opportunity to ask me absolutely anything you want. 

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The presets I use for every session and wedding I shoot. Including 3 color & 2 black and white presets. This pack has everything to make your photos feel timeless and cinematic.

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intentional documentation for lovers

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