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Golden Hour in Southern Arizona

This photoshoot just North of Bisbee, AZ and South of Tucson, was nothing short of perfection. Hannah and Kaitlyn were the ideal people for this beautiful desert background. We started the night embracing the sun and using a gate that was on the land we chose to shoot at. I love making use of what is in my environment, and this is such a good example of that. I was able to create space between the two of them, which is one of my favorite dynamics for posing. Sometimes separating two people in a photo can feel more intimate than having them wrapped in each others arms. I loved having the sky so bright behind them for a few, but then I decided to embrace the orange hues from the setting sun and create some really amazing silhouettes with these two and the mountains behind them. I loved letting them smoke for their session because it added such a touch of who they are as a couple. My favorite photos are when I let couples share something together and just be themselves. We followed this up with my favorite flash photos to date. The sun setting, combines with the outline of the mountains is just perfection.

This shoot was the perfect example of what can happen when you let yourself relax and just have fun with your partner! You get the most meaningful and beautiful pictures that are truly unique to you two.

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