DOcumentary Style Photographer based in AZ

Last summer I was lucky enough to photograph these two’s elopement in Glacier National Park in Montana. This Spring I am still the luckiest girl ever because I got to help them document their move to Arizona as a married couple. We headed out just east of Phoenix, to Tonto National Forest and drove Apache Trail until we found a place we loved. These are my favorite kind of shoots. The ones where you just make it up as you go along. We stopped and hiked just a bit to the perfect little valley first. The sun was perfect and so were they. After that we went to the prettiest look out over the mountains and soaked up all of Arizona’s golden hour delight as long as we could.

Every thing about this shoot was so good. Capturing them as they naturally are together and getting the best shots that feel almost like a movie scene. This was truly one of my favorite shoots in a long time.

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